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BattleLaX is an action-packed lacrosse game for the PC that uses a custom game engine to thrust players into a one-of-a-kind 3D arena where the rules are left at the door.

The game play for BattleLaX was inspired by the Sega Genesis games “Mutant League Hockey” and “Mutant League Football”.

In BattleLaX, you take control of a team of lacrosse players to score goals and eliminate the opposition. Each team has a roster of 20 players – 2 goalies, and 18 others, while only 6 are on the field at a time – 1 goalie and 5 others. Players chase the ball, attempt to score goals, and attack any opponents in the way. Injured players remain on the field until a stoppage of play, at which point they are dragged off, and a substitution must be made.

Core Game Play
BattleLaX is unique in that there are no other available lacrosse games. BattleLaX was inspired by the Mutant League Sports series. Many core game play elements from the original Mutant League series will remain intact. In a 3D arena, players maneuver their sprite around the field towards the ball in an attempt to score goals and win the game. Opponents will attack the ball carrier and try to score goals as well. Each player has a limited amount of health and will die once it has depleted. Players can pass the ball between team-mates, shoot towards the goal, and attack others while on defence.

Key Features
  • Character Abilities

  • BattleLaX will supply characters with a full range of lacrosse game play abilities. Characters will have multi- directional movement as well as the ability to pass, shoot, defend/check, jump and change character.

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Enemy and non-controlled sprites will have basic artificial intelligence to allow their pursuit of the ball and zoning when not in possession of the ball.

  • Game Music / Sound Effects

  • The convincing soundtrack and sound effects in BattleLaX will enhance the setting and provide realism.

  • Genre

  • BattleLaX is a 3D extreme sports game with battle elements incorporated for arcade-like play.

  • Platform

  • Target platform will be a Windows-based PC running the latest version of Microsoft’s DirectX (V9).
    2004 Team BattleLax