Special Thanks and Credits  
Team BattleLax would like to offer a special thank you to all the people who helped make our game a success
  Michael P. Clark
  -Thanks to Mike for taking the time to help us out with some of the modeling.
  David M. Parks
  -Dave helped us answer all those annoying questions about frustums, bounding box collisions and many, many others. Thanks Dave!
  -A huge shout out to Tyler Thackray and Josh Monacella of AuxOne. They were nice enough to let us use some of their audio clips in our game. Go check them out at www.aux-one.com

Meet The BattleLax Team:
Andrew C. Lorino  
  -Game Engine
-Oct Tree & Collision Detection
-Player Management
-Xfile Animation

Delvin L. Mason  
  -Particle Engine
-Lighting & Materials
-Console Interface
-Team Graphics

Jay Bibby  
  -Menus & Graphics
-Texture Management

Michael A. Locke  

Nathanael D. Rode  
  -Model Creation & Animation
-Ball Physics
-Bounding Boxes & Collision Detection
-Font Engine
-Sprite/Texture Manipulation

Patrick W. Bellanca  

2004 Team BattleLax